The Meal

The question driving this conversation forward must then be: if we're deriving meaning subconsciously from circular plates and bowls, regular meals, four types of food "enframed" by said plate or bowl... how much more meaning could we glean from eating if we consciously invoked the symbolism of the circle? Could we transcend "healthy eating" into a truly healthy holistic living?


Mountains dare you to stare at them. They stand there, proud and unabashedly above your average view. They require you trace their ridgelines across the top, winding your way down to follow the water flow, noting the colors and textures of trees bold enough to grow on their surface, to count the strata in sheer mastiffs and think back over the millennia it took to form each one.

TG: Scriptures, Harry Potter & The Sacred Text

"I send you, therefore, these thoughts of mine concerning the spiritual way which monks should follow. I send them that you may judge and correct my work, for you know much more about the matter than I do, since you know it by experience and I only by study. I owe you some return for all you have done for me."

TG: Scriptures, People Not of the Book

Given the People of the Book all claim the same original sacred text, we can safely assume more than a few parallels in theology, structure of scripture, etc. However, when we branch out to People Not of the Book, do you expect to see so many similarities? Why or why not?

TG: Scriptures, People of the Book

The phrase “People of the Book” is in reference to Jews, Christians, and Muslims as a group with a common touchstone. This title and definition is still used today to refer to these faiths who claim parts (if not all) of the Bible as the word of God.

Native Tongue Theory

“In a similar way, it was necessary for my native religious tongue (Christianity) to become foreign, and for a foreign tongue (the eastern) to become, for a time, as if native. When I then viewed eastern insights alongside New Testament images of Jesus, those images gained a transformational potency for me.”


But, I - like so many others who've lost someone who really mattered to them - am left with only what technology can preserve.