Vanessa Oler
Vanessa Oler
Connector. Photographer. Writer.

How the "30 in 30 for 30" Concept Works:

Your Part

  • You need high quality photos and you need them now!
  • Submit a schedule request below with as much detail as possible. This is a request only; remember you aren't booked until I contact you to confirm the details. If you need a photo in less than 24 hours and you know I'm in town, DM me on Instagram
  • On the day of, get everything ready! Your hair, your product, your location, any props, etc. I'm just there to take the photos. If you're not quite sure what you want or need, say so in the "Shoot Description" below and you and I can brainstorm before we confirm your booking.
  • Have your own flash drive, hard drive, or computer with SD card reader ready to receive your photos 

My Part

  • I've got the camera! If your shoot will be at night or in low light, let me know in the "Shoot Description" below and I'll bring the necessary lighting gear to get the look you want.
  • I'll set a timer and shoot as many photos in 30 minutes as humanly possible. Fast-paced work is what I love and you'll see the genius in it, I promise! 
  • Laptop in hand, I'll edit your photos right then and there. This usually takes another 30 minutes, which is why all our bookings are scheduled for a full hour. 

Our Part

  • Once the photos are taken, you and I will sit down and choose 30 that fit your needs and make you look good! You can do whatever you'd like with them, including adding filters and editing them yourself after the fact. You can publish them wherever you like, so long as the publication of such does not constitute libel or lead to slander against myself or the 303030photos brand. I will retain the rights to publish all the photos taken, including your 30 unless we negotiate otherwise. If this is a branded product you want photographed, different rules apply. 

The Calendar

  • I'm constantly travelling up and down the I-15 Corridor, and often across other states in the Western United States. Check the calendar below to see where I'm at for a chunk of time. If that works for you, submit a booking request and I'll reply within the hour to confirm. 
  • If you're anywhere else in the US or ... well, the world... I do have a couple international trips set up for this year and the next. Keep up with me on Instagram and we may just cross paths!

Request a Booking

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What type of photos do you need? How many people in the shot? Is this a portrait or a product shot? Even if you don't know exactly what you want, let me know and we can brainstorm together.
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